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Avida Land : St. Gabriel Heights For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
House and Lot ₱ 1,000,000 94 SQM
House and Lot ₱ 2,400,000 277 SQM


Located in Antipolo City, Rizal, St. Gabriel Heights offers a peaceful, quiet, and solemn living near some of the best sights and attractions in Luzon. In addition to that, its strategic location makes it close to both the mundane city world and the recluse of nature. It’s neither too far nor too close and you will not need to tire yourself just to visit the urbanized, industrialized, and vibrant city atmosphere or the lush, cool, and serene province atmosphere.

In addition to that, Antipolo is one of the slowly, but steadily growing cities in the Philippines. As the city is close to Manila, you can expect more real estate developments to come and this will surely push the city into an economic boom. More people means more business opportunities and pretty soon, it will become a Highly Urbanized Independent City, like Metro Manila.

Overall, the excellent location, the affordable pricing, and the well-designed houses, makes St. Gabriel Heights an excellent investment. You can get a house and lot here and make it either a full-time house if you have a business, work, or source of income nearby the city or a vacation house if you need to live near larger cities but want to stay at a convenient location during breaks and/or long vacations.

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